Onderzoek naar kweek van meelwormen / insecten

Strong together!

Venik (Association of Dutch Insect breeders) is the trade association that bring insect breeders together to collobarate on the marketing for consumption of insects for feed and food. The act of eating insects is called entomophagy.

The association is commtied to the marketing of insects as an alternative source  of protein as a joint Dutch quality product. This product is food safe and reared in accordance with the guidelines of the General Food Law.

Venik provides information and is partner for discussion for knowledge institutions, goverment and media. Venik stimulates research and seeks collaboration with knowledge instutions, promotes knowledge exchange, develops new products in cooperation and builds a mutual stratergy to conquer both the Dutch and International market. Venik does not represent commerical interests for indivudual companies. 

With other words: We are working hard for a strong Dutch insect assocation!


The board is formed by:

Chairman: Jonathan Koppert (Koppert Biological Systems)

Secretary: Niek Steeghs (Protifarm)

Penningmeester (treasurer): Janmar Katoele (Wadudu Insecten Centrum)


Are you an insect breeder or an interested party with interest in the activities of the association? 

For questions or registration you can email to: info@venik.nl. Please include name, address and telephone number.